Seeking fresh mandate normal democratic practice: Fawad

ISLAMABAD, Apr 04 (APP):Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Chaudhry Fawad Hussain said on Monday that seeking fresh mandate in case of a political crisis was a normal practice in democratic countries and Prime Minister Imran Khan had done the same.
Talking to media persons outside Supreme Court he said that the masses were ready for fresh elections and no political party ran away from elections.
He said that Supreme Court verdict in suo moto case would be implemented.
Fawad said that some political parties were trying to influence the Supreme Court by launching a campaign on social media which would not be tolerated.
He said that but some parties were claiming that the constitution was violated through the Speaker’s ruling, but they forget to mention that they themselves violated Article 63A by horse trading.
He said that keeping in view the national interest, the PTI leadership was sharing the details of the letter.
He said that the government had convened an in camera meeting of parliamentary Security Committee but the opposition abstained from it.
He urged the political parties to focus their attention on upcoming general elections as the masses have already geared up.
He said that the PTI would send two names for caretaker Prime Minister to the president today and if the opposition did not send its names, one of them would automatically be selected to the caretaker PM’s post.