Sanitation market to provide new business opportunities for private sector: Amin Aslam

ISLAMABAD, Sep 19 (APP):Adviser to Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam Thursday said sanitation market is going to provide new business opportunities to private sector as safely managed sanitation has become a critical issue in Pakistan.

He made these remarks at the concluding ceremony of United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)’s Sanitation Market Shaping Workshop to explore effective engagement of private sector in this regard and key challenges to be faced for involving the sector to investing in sanitation.

He said the workshop had focused on the critical issue of waste generation and liquid waste treatment as 90 percent liquid waste in our country was dumped untreated into the water courses.

Moreover, 80 percent of solid waste was not being collected from dumping spots and 40 percent of the country’s population had no access to safely managed lavatories, he added.

The adviser said Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Clean Green Pakistan Movement had become a trigger to make solid and liquid waste management, cleanliness and sanitation issues to be resolved in a befitting way with massive stakeholder engagement.