President urges Ulema’s role to discourage fake news, promote tolerance

President urges Ulema’s role to discourage fake news, promote tolerance

ISLAMABAD, Mar 7 (APP): President Dr Arif Alvi Monday called upon the Ulema to play their role to discourage the phenomenon of fake news and promote Islamic moral values including tolerance among the people to create peace and harmony in the society.

The president, addressing the Paigham-e-Pakistan Ulema and Mashaikh Conference held by Pakistan Ulema Council, said the fake news termited the Muslim societies and cited the destruction of Iraq in name of the weapons of mass destruction.

The objective of the conference was to launch a movement in 2022-23 to create awareness on the contemporary issues including extremism and terrorism, sectarian violence, minorities’ rights, climate change, rising intolerance and impatience in society and a way out and population growth.

It would also focus on maternal and child health, social media and the implications of fake news, Islam’s position on cleanliness and the implementation of Peghame-Pakistan’s Code of Conduct.

President urges Ulema’s role to discourage fake news, promote tolerance

He said the incidents like Peshawar and Sialkot were part of a conspiracy to fan sectarianism in the country.

He said there was no room for mob justice in Islam and that the tendency had been promoted by the social media as the youth interpreted the words of their leaders keeping in view their own biases.

The president also underscored the responsibility of the parents to teach morality to their kids as per the Islamic values, though the government was also striving to address the subject by introducing a single national curriculum.

He said the mosques and pulpit used to be a source of guidance for the people on political and social issues like diplomacy, cleanliness, women’s inheritance rights which had been guaranteed by Islam 1400 years ago.

President Alvi advised the Ulema to highlight the importance of human rights instead of indulging in petty differences.

He told the gathering that keeping up the moral values, Pakistan hosted four million Afghan refugees for decades and reiterated that the world was yearning for morality-based world order.

In his address, Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Pir Nurul Haq Qadri said the anti-state elements were poised to destabilize the country by taking advantage of any negligence on our part.

He said the incidents like Peshawar and Sialkot were part of a conspiracy to destabilize Pakistan like Iraq; however, he resolved that the Ulema would stand united to safeguard Pakistan.

He said after the Constitution of Pakistan, the Paisgham-e-Pakistan was an important document signed by around 7,000 Ulema from all schools of thought.

The minister said the issues like the no-confidence move and the new wave of terror attacks were in fact aimed at punishing Pakistan for Prime Minister Imran Khan’s categorical stance of “Absolutely Not.”

Prime Minister’s Special Representative on Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Allama Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi said it was need of the hour for the Ulema to stand with the state against extremism and terrorism.

He said the Ulema from all schools of thought unanimously condemned the attack on a mosque in Peshawar and urged them to create an environment of unity.

Ashrafi also underscored the need for enhancing the consultation between the Council of Islamic Ideology and Ulema to address the unbridled use of social media.

He said the Pakistan UIlema Council had a clear stance on the issues like suicide attacks, COVID pandemic and polio and reiterated that the body would keep its efforts to achieve its set targets during 2022-23.

Allama Abdul Haq Mujahid, Allama Arif Wahidi and Sahibzada Hassan Haseebur Rehman also addressed the conference and highlighted the importance of the pulpit’s role to bring about peace and harmony in the society.

By Ishtiaq Rao

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