LAHORE, Nov 14 (APP): Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique said on Saturday that decision had been taken to replace old contracting system with modern porter system.
Talking to the media persons at PR headquarters, he said that uniform of porters would be changed, shelters would be built and whatever the income was coming from the contractor of the porters would be utilized for their betterment.
He said that there was no medical and proper sitting facility for porters, adding that contract system might be abolished.He said that Karakoram Express was the first train which would be upgraded after value addition.
He said that economy and business class of Karakoram Express had been
upgraded by adding different facilities which include new seat covers, wifi facility, public address system and many more.
With the grace of the Almighty Allah, Karakoram Express would be made
operational by November 30 after value addition, he added.
Afterward, Business Express would be introduced with new composition and name, which would become more popular than ever before among the passengers and till the end of December, he said and added that Karachi Express would also be made operational.
During last four months of the current year, the PR earned over Rs 10 billion which was highest so far, he added.
He said that 5 percent deduction was made from salaries of PR staff under maintenance head and under this head PR recovered Rs 160 million but now PR would spend Rs 300 million for the maintenance work.
Saad Rafique hoped that proper service structure would be made for PR during current tenure which was done never ever before, adding that work was being carried out on labour package as well under which financial benefit would be given to labourers.
To a question, he said, responsible should be arrested whether they were from Railways Employees Cooperative Housing Society (RECHS) or from Moon builders.