PML(N) leadership condemns PTI’s plan of assault on Islamabad

ISLAMABAD, Oct 7 (APP): The leadership of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) Thursday condemned the plan of assault on Islamabad by Pakistan Tehreek I Insaf (PTI) and Imran Khan and decided that the miscreants would be dealt with according to law, with iron hands.
They were of the view that attack on Islamabad would not be tolerated as it was not a political long march but an atrocious conspiracy. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif was chairing the meeting of the senior leadership here.
The party leadership reviewed in detail the overall political situation of the country.
The leaders agreed that the elements who were plotting an invasion of the capital, were the same people who fired bullets at the police personnel, broke heads, threatened judges and police officers and attacked institutions.
The conspirators were hatching a new conspiracy after getting caught red-handed previously while conspiring against Pakistan. These elements were trying to create political instability and chaos in the country by shedding blood.
The participants noted that these elements earlier conspired to cause default of Pakistan, destroy the economy, create disunity in the national institutions, attack institutions and run a foul campaign against the martyrs.
The conspirators also plotted against the constitution by dissolving the Parliament and also hatched a conspiracy for a sit in in Pakistan with foreign funding.
These elements also conspired against China Pakistan Economic Corridor, against friends of Pakistan and against security of Pakistan in the name of cypher and now these conspirators were colluding against economy of Pakistan and the flood affectees in the name of long march.
The party leadership said the audio leaks on September 28 and 30 were a charge sheet against former prime minister Imran Khan and all the characters who hatched the plot of “fake conspiracy”.
These characters hatched a nefarious conspiracy against the national security, national interests, and Pakistan’s foreign relations.
It was proved that the drama of foreign conspiracy was just a fraud, forgery and a concoction of mind of some miscreants and it had nothing to do with reality. This conspiracy was an ugly attempt to damage interests of the state for securing personal interest. The interests of the state were sacrificed for personal political interests, they stressed.
While endorsing the decisions of the cabinet in the meeting on September 30, the attendees emphasized that the process of investigation of “Imrani conspiracy” hatched by using the diplomatic cypher, should be hastened and the elements involved in it should be made an example according to the law.
This conspiracy will be crushed with force of law, they stated.
In this connection, the party leadership gave authority for all decisions to president of the party and prime minister of Pakistan.
The meeting appreciated the efforts and fervour of the government, institutions especially Pakistan army under the leadership of the Prime Minister, for assistance and rehabilitation of the flood-affectees.
The leadership expressed resolve that efforts would continue with focus and ardour till the complete rehabilitation of the flood affectees.
The party meeting lauded the efforts of the prime minister and his team for improving the value of the rupee against the dollar and stock exchange and for saving the country from default.
The leadership expressed confidence about the possibilities to restore Pakistan’s economy, reduce debt burden and give relief to the common man, after the arrival of Finance Minister Ishaq Dar.
The meeting welcomed the reduction in prices of petroleum products for providing relief to the people and stated that despite the difficult economic conditions, efforts would be enhanced to give all possible relief to the people.
The meeting also praised the prime minister for effectively representing Pakistan at the heads of state summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly on issues faced by the Muslim Ummah including the issue of Jammu and Kashmir and Palestine, Islamophobia, deadly effects of climate change and on important regional and international matters.
They noted that due to efforts of the prime minister, plight of the flood affectees and matter of the grave effects of climate change remained in the spotlight at the United Nations General Assembly and SCO.
The member countries of SCO endorsed and supported the raising of issue of climate change by the prime minister at the summit level.
The participants thanked the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for his visit to Pakistan and for launching the international appeal for helping flood affectees and for advocating their cause. They declared UN Secretary General a friend of Pakistan and also thanked other countries for coming to the assistance of Pakistan in a difficult time.
The party leadership strongly condemned the torture and arrests of teachers in Peshawar by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police and called it proof of fascism of Imran Khan.
They noted that Imran Khan neither have time for the flood affectees nor he was providing any relief to the teachers and people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
In the assembly chowk, Peshawar the way unarmed teachers were shelled, baton-charged and attacked with water cannon was cruel and very condemnable.
Imran Khan was in government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the last eight years but the province’s treasury did not have money to pay salaries and pensions of government employees.
The meeting raised question about the financial default of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.
The leaders said the peaceful teachers did not have the right to protest in Peshawar but Imran Khan along with the miscreants and gangsters was preparing to attack Islamabad.
The meeting expressed solidarity with the teachers and said that demands of the teachers should be met and all the arrested teachers and demonstrators should be released immediately.
The meeting decided to hold workers convention, of the party across the country. The conventions will be addressed by the central leadership.
Responsibilities were delegated to the party’s central and provincial leadership in this regard.
The party expressed gratitude at the acquittal of Vice President of the party Maryam Nawaz and Captain ® Muhammad Safdar in the Avenfield reference and congratulated them.
The leaders stated that acquittal was the victory of truth and a forceful slap of divine law on the face of political revenge.
The leadership also welcomed the acquittal of party’s Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal in the Narowal Sports Complex case and felicitated him. They applauded the acquitted leaders for challenging the political revenge with bravery, courage and steadfastness.