ISLAMABAD, Nov 30 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has urged the civil society, academia and media to play their effective role in educating the people on how to prevent HIV and AIDS.
“I am sure that with our honest and joint efforts, we can control the deadly disease and ensure a healthy and strong Pakistan,” the prime minister said in his message on the occasion of World AIDS Day, being observed on December 1.
He said World AIDS Day is observed on December 1, every year,
which is aimed at reminding the people world over against the
The Prime Minister said the day aimed to raise awareness on the
HIV & AIDS situation and threats faced globally, besides highlighting
achievements and identifying further steps that need to be taken to
eliminate this disease.
World AIDS Day, he said, is the occasion to raise people’s
awareness and encourage people to jointly fight against this deadly
“It is our duty to educate people that HIV can be prevented
and, God forbid, if someone is infected, it can be treated as well.
Let me share with you that Pakistan is moving towards sustainable
national financing to fight this disease and the Government has
allocated considerable financial resources to prevent and cure HIV
AIDS,” the prime minister added.
He said Pakistan is a signatory to Millennium Development
Goals (MDGs) whereby the government and its partners are committed
“to halt and begin to reserve the spread of the disease”.
The Prime Minister said the theme “Getting to Zero” (HIV
treatment controls the Virus, Treat for Life, Prevention for Life)
needs to be emphasized, which is aimed at sensitizing the
individuals to the need of concerted efforts.
He said the Government of Pakistan thanks all the people
involved in the fight against this disease on professional as well
as voluntary basis.
“As we observe World AIDS Day, I encourage all Pakistanis to
play their proactive role in preventing this disease. I urge the
civil society,” he said.