PESHAWAR, Dec 22 (APP):Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan said that the people of entire Malakand division overwhelmingly
voted PTI to return back to the power and assured to serve them for the next five years with full dedication and devotion.

He was addressing people in an open katchehry in his
Hujra Matta Swat. The people individually and collectively apprised the Chief
Minister of their problems.
Mahmood Khan listened to their problems and
directed to resolve them as expeditiously as possible.
The Chief Minister said that the people of Swat suffered
both manmade and natural calamities in the recent past.
They sacrificed everything and now there was a new opening for the development
of Swat.
He assured the people that his government would strictly follow the vision of
Prime Minister Imran Khan and the incumbent government would overcome all
challenges and crises.
He said that they would work in each and every sphere of life
and all public sectors were being sensitized regarding people grievances.
Mahmood Khan said that he was fully aware of the problems of entire Malakand
Division and would resolve them on priority basis.
Although the government had limited resources and
unfortunately the previous rulers of the country plundered the national
exchequer and paid no heed to the people grievances but despite all this his
government would open up new opening for the development of the province
and uplifting of the backward areas.
The natural resources would be made the base for provincial
economy and prosperity of the people. They have a transparent and accountable
system of governance in the province wherein the public resources would be
spent on the public welfare and there would be a system for reward and
The corrupt elements would be made an example before others
and the Ministers and public servant showing honesty and dedication to the
cause of poor would be rewarded.
Swat is replete with the natural resources that
included Mines and Mineral, Forest, Tourism and water resources, adding that
Swat motorway would be further extended which would not only promote tourism
in the province but would also raise the living standard of the people.