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LAHORE, Nov 28 (APP): Special Assistant to the Chief Minister (SACM) Dr Firdoos Ashiq Awan has said that the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) gang of cabals
was responsible for spreading coronavirus as they had no pain for the people.

This gang was risking the lives of the people only for their greed and negative politics.

She said that the misdeeds of PDM had been exposed and revealed to the public.

She said that the tenures of previous rulers were based on corruption and such elements were trying to create hurdles in the progress and prosperity of Pakistan but they can’t hoodwink 220 million Pakistanis again.

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The SACM said that opposition parties would be held accountable for their loot and plunder. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Usman Bazdar, PTI government would eliminate corruption, she added.