Pakistan so far received 137 flood relief flights from across world: Foreign Office

Pakistan so far received 137 flood relief flights from across world: Foreign Office

ISLAMABAD, Oct 14 (APP):Assistance from foreign countries continues pouring in for the flood-affected people of Pakistan with a total of 137 flights carrying relief goods, tents, food items, and medicines have landed at different airports so far.

According to the data shared by the Foreign Office on Friday, the United Arab Emirates sent 41 assistance flights to Pakistan carrying relief items for the flood affectees. This is the highest number of assistance flights from any country landed in Pakistan.

The United States of America (USA) sent the second-highest number of flights, including 20 assistance and one support, to help carry out the relief and rehabilitation activities in the flood-hit areas of the country.

Similarly, Turkiye sent 15 assistance flights, which made it the third largest contributor to flood-relief activities in Pakistan.

The breakdown of flood relief assistance flights shared by the Foreign Office further revealed that Saudi Arabia sent 10, Oman eight, China and Qatar four each, Indonesia three, France two planeloads of relief goods, and one each by Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Jordan, Nepal, the United Kingdom, Russia, Greece, and Italy.

Moreover, international organizations also sent a number of assistance flights to Pakistan, including 14 from UNHCR, four from UNICEF, and three from WFP.

In addition to relief assistance flights, consignments have also been received from various foreign countries, such as Iran sent 100 tons of relief goods loaded on trucks through the Iranian Red Crescent to Pakistan Red Crescent. Turkiye dispatched two trucks, and three trains to Red Crescent.

Likewise, Tajikistan helped the flood victims with heavy aid through 87 trucks while Oman and the UAE sent one goods relief ship each.

According to the Foreign Office, the assistance flights and consignments started arriving in Pakistan in August, however, majority of them landed in the country in September.

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