Pakistan a peace loving state, pursuing friendly ties with neighbours: PM

ISLAMABAD, Oct 24 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
on Monday said Pakistan is a peace loving country and pursues the policy of maintaining friendly relationships with all its neighbours.

In a meeting with Sir Mark Lyall Grant, National Security Adviser of the United Kingdom here at PM House, the Prime Minister said the issue of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) was the core issue between India and Pakistan and its resolution would ensure durable peace in the region.

The Prime Minister said the Kashmir issue must be resolved according to the UN resolutions as per the commitments made by the Indian government.

He urged upon the world community to take note of the grave
human rights violations and atrocities committed by Indian forces in

The Prime Minister said it was high time that the long standing issue of IOK was resolved as per the aspirations of the people of Kashmir in accordance with the UN resolutions.

He mentioned that more than hundred innocent people had been
brutally killed by Indian security forces, hundreds were blinded by the use of pellet guns, while thousands were injured in the last few months.

Sir Mark Lyall Grant commended the government of Pakistan for
achieving substantial successes in the war against terrorism and extremism.

He acknowledged the huge sacrifices made by the armed forces, police and other law enforcing agencies in this war.

He said the commitment of political government and armed forces, supported by the people of Pakistan had resulted into phenomenal victory against terrorism.

Sir Mark Lyall Grant congratulated the Prime Minister on successfully completing the International Monetary Fund (IMF) support programme and achieving macroeconomic stability.

“It is exceedingly positive to learn from DFID (Department for International Development) that Pakistan is showing remarkable
improvement in the health and education sectors,” the UK’s National
Security Adviser said.

He also appreciated the Prime Minister’s policy of reaching out to the neighbouring countries for establishing cordial relationships with them.

“We encourage and support your efforts for peaceful cooperation with your neighbouring countries,” he added.