ISLAMABAD, Dec 21 (APP): Deputy Speaker National Assembly, Murtaza Javed Abbasi Wednesday expressed displeasure over the failure of completing additional family suites and servant quarters at parliament lodges.
He expressed these views while chairing the meeting of National Assembly Standing Committee on House and Library.
He directed the Chairman, Capital Development Authority (CDA) to conduct an inquiry and fix the responsibility against the responsible for this failure and submit report to the Committee in its next meeting, said a press release here.
The Deputy Speaker said that the Project was started in May, 2011 and was supposed to be completed in November 2013.
However on the assurance of construction firm and CDA, the Committee recommended extension in the date of completion twice.
He said that despite several commitments before the Committee neither the construction firm nor the CDA management made any sincere efforts to complete the work within extended time.
The members of the committee expressed their grave concerns over the delay and unanimously recommended for strict action against the responsible for inordinate delay.
Earlier the Chairman Capital Devlopment Authrity (CDA) informed the committee that the contractor had served notice for termination of his contract on 13-12-2016 with the CDA without completion of the project.
The Deputy Speaker remarked that the contractor had breached the privilege of the Committee and dishonored his commitment.
He said that the contractor had wasted 6 years and due to his irresponsibility the members of parliament suffered.
He directed the Chairman (CDA) to initiate an investigation to hold accountable those responsible for this failure whether, it was CDA department, the contractor or consultant.
The Committee also expressed its annoyance over the non implementation of decision, recommendation and enquiries ordered by the House and Library Committee since 2013 and respect of Parliament Lodges.
The Committee Members said that the committee had recommended
a number of enquiries regarding dismal state of affairs at Parliament Lodges during last 3 years and only two inquiry reports had been finalized so far.
The Committee remarked that the actions taken against the responsible in those inquires were very lenient.
It directed the Chairman CDA to review the reports and also take action against those who determined such minor penalties.
The Deputy Speaker also took notice of the cleanliness condition and substandard maintenance work at Parliament lodges and directed the Chairman CDA to examine it personally.
The Committee was attended by MNAs Malik Ibrar Ahmed Dr.Ibadullah Dr. Mahreen Razaque Bhutto and Molana Qamar ud Din.