ISLAMABAD, Jul 19 (APP): Muttahida Quomi Movement leader Shoaib Bukhari died in Karachi on Tuesday due to illness since past many years.

According to a private news channel, Shoaib Bukhari was admitted to the hospital for treatment and was shifted to his brother’s house two days before his death .

His Nimaz e Janaza would be held near his residence at Liaquatabad , Karachi.

Shoaib Bukhari had been appointed as the provincial minister in the MQM party for many years in the past.

He was a leading man in the MQM party who held special place and was crucial man to take important decisions of the party regarding different matters.

Head of Pak Sar Zameen party (PSP) Mustafa Kamal, leader Mahjar Quomi Movement Haqiqi Afaq Ahmad have condoled his death and shared the grief with his family members on his residence .