MUZAFFARABAD, July 19 (APP): Chairman, All Pakistan Hindu Panchait, Pandat Lal has strongly criticized India for its human rights violations against innocent Kashmiris in Occupied Kashmir.

Addressing a rally staged by the civil society here in front of Press Club to show solidarity with Kashmiri brethren against Indian atrocities in the Indian Held Kashmir, he emphasized that Hindus stand united with Kashmiri freedom fighters.

He stated that India and Pakistan should resolve the longstanding Kashmir issue on the table so that sufferings of people of Kashmir could come to an end.

Pnadat Lal also emphasized that peace is mandatory for prosperity in the region.

The rally was stated to condemn the current wave of atrocities started in the beginning of this month after the Shahadat of Kashmiri freedom fighter Burhan Wani by the hands of Indian security forces.

The rally was attended by the cross section of the society including minority leaders and female participants.

The rally started with the recitation of the Holy Quran which was followed by the speeches by the participants.

The speakers strongly condemned the latest wave of atrocities committed by the Indian security forces in the held valley in particular and human rights violations against other minorities like Sikhs, low caste Hindus, Christians and Muslims in general.

The speakers urged Pakistan govt to take concrete steps at national, regional and international level to resolve the issue.
They also criticized the international community for remaining quiet on the current killings and human rights violations in the valley.

Speakers also condemned those terming this freedom struggle as terrorism.

A resolution was also presented in the rally calling international community to help Kashmiris against Indian atrocities.

The rally ended with ‘dua’ by all participants for resolution of
Kashmir issue according to aspirations of the Kashmiris. The participants of the rally then drove to UN office and presented their resolution.