HR minister asked Int. organizations to play role for Kashmiris right

ISLAMABAD, Jul 19 (APP): Federal Minister for Human Rights
Kamran Michael writes to Indian and International Human Rights Organizations regarding the recent Indian aggression in Kashmir.

“The federal ministry resolved to initiate official  correspondence with Indian as well as International human rights organization to buttress their role against violence and injustice taking place in Kashmir”, an official of HR ministry said.

Kamran Michael, in the letters observed that Indian hegemony and violence being perpetrated in Kashmir is beyond pardonable and unacceptable on all counts, he told APP.

Not only is India violating UN resolutions on Kashmir but also
all canons of basic human rights which are recognized globally, he informed.

He decried Indian aggression as deplorable and urged Indian
human rights organizations to play their part in helping the
oppressed people of Kashmir.

The people of Kashmir have a right to raise their voice to
demand self-governance through independence, the letters said.

He stated that the minister pledged that the Human Rights
ministry will take every step to ensure basic rights of people
residing in Kashmir and fully endorse their just cause.