ISLAMABAD, Oct 27 (APP): The companies in Federal Capital, especially those in high-rise buildings vacated their offices for thorough inspections after an 8.1 magnitude earthquake jolted the country.
Almost all multi-storey buildings situated in Blue Area and other parts of the city got vacated after earthquake to keep people safe from any damage due to after shocks and inspection of buildings.
People in Blue Area on Tuesday said complete building check-up is in process to make sure that high-rise buildings are safe and perfectly okay before employees are sent back in the offices.
After the massive quake the telecom companies -Ufone, Mobilink, Zong and Telenor sent their employees back to home for safety reasons.
Mobile phone companies also directed their employees to stay alerted at their homes for any advisory which may include extended work-from-home calls as complete inspection of offices for any damages may take longer than a day.
Representatives of Telecom companies told APP that decision was taken in the best interest of employees safety and any further measures are being taken as per protocol available with the companies.
China Mobile company (Zong) sent an email to all employees, telling that the CMPak is overseeing the situation to ensure employees safety and well-being. As a precautionary measure all Zong offices were evacuated immediately nationwide wherever the earthquake was felt.
At the Headquarter and Contact Center employees were asked to leave for their homes in order to conduct a complete survey prior to confirming the facility safe for daily operations.
It is mentioned here that the earthquake, that was felt as far as in India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and in parts of Iran, was recorded at 8.1 magnitude on Richter Scale.