MULTAN, July 20 (APP): Senior politician Makhdoom Javed
Hashmi on Wednesday said the government should convene All Parties Conference (APC) on Kashmir issue in order to inform the world that all politicians are united.

Addressing a press conference, Hashmi said that struggle
of Kashmiris had entered the decisive phase. People are raising Pakistani flag openly and expressing their clear intention to the world, he added.

Kashmiris have almost won their independence, Hashmi said
adding the government should convey their resolve to the whole world.

Hashmi also criticised the opposition parties, which were
attempting to bring people on roads against the government.

They wanted to get some bodies of innocent people in their
attempts to damage the government, he added.

Imran Khan wanted premiership at a platter but it would
never happen, Javed Hashmi said.