Overthrow of government with few thousand people live in paradise of idiots: Pervez Khattak

PESHAWAR, Jan 30 (APP):Federal Minister for Defense, Pervez Khattak Wednesday said the parliament
was symbol of aspirations of 220 million Pakistanis and important pillar of the
modern democratic state.
He said the conduct of parliamentarians and the House performance
strengthen the supreme institution of the country, said a press statement
issued here.
Khattak said that it was the highest forum to discuss
important issues and legislation was done for public welfare and on other important
issues after detailed debate.
He said that no legislation could get final shape without
approval of the respected parliament after holding debate on it, adding the parliamentarians
being representatives of people have important responsibility inside the House.
He said the government wanted to uphold dignity of parliament
which unfortunately lost its prestige due to character assassination, mud-slinging
and political hobnobbing in the past instead of debating on key national issues.
The Minister said that all the parliamentarians had been
warned of the past bad practices and his speech in this regard was a clear indication
for the House to determine its direction and fulfill its responsibilities.
Khattak said that not only the parliamentary language should
be adopted in the House but also stressed upon senior parliamentarians to share
their experiences with fresh legislators.
He urged the Opposition Leader and other members to present
their suggestions for the welfare and prosperity of the people in the country
so that prompt measures could be taken.