Death anniversary of famous poet Masroor Anwar observed

Death anniversary of famous poet Masroor Anwar observed
ISLAMABAD, Apr 01 (APP):The death anniversary of famous poet, song, and story writer, Masroor Anwar was observed on Monday.
Masroor Anwar wrote hundreds of film and national songs as well as film stories and dialogues during his career. Born in  Shimla on January 6, 1944, Masroor Anwar migrated to Pakistan after the participation of the subcontinent.
After completion of his studies, he joined Radio Pakistan as a staff artist because of his deep interest in poetry and literature. He was hired by Iqbal Shehzad to write his first film song for his film Banjaran (1962). Then he became part of a group of four people in Karachi – Waheed Murad, Pervez Malik, Sohail Rana, and Masroor Anwar that made many big hit films together in the 1960s and 1970s.
He reached the peak of fame in 1970 and onward. His song, ‘Soni Dharti Allah Rakhe Qadam Qadam Abad’, became a very famous song. Similarly, some other songs also got popularity. In 1997 he was awarded Pride of Performance posthumously by the President of Pakistan.
He died in Lahore on April 1, 1996, at age 51, and was laid to rest in Lahore.
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