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ISLAMABAD, Nov 29 (APP): The COVID Mortality Analysis on Sunday showed the total deaths occurred due to COVID were 7,985 with Covid Fatality Rate (CFR) reaching 2.02 percent against 2.33 percent global CFR as 71 percent of the died were males.

The National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) in the COVID Mortality Analysis mentioned that out of the deceased 71 percent male around 76 percent patients were over the age of 50-year.

The Analysis highlighted that 72 percent of the patients died due to COVID-19 had chronic comorbidities (meaning having different diseases existing at the same time with another disease for a long period of time).

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Out of the total died, 91 percent of the deceased remained hospitalized where 58 percent of hospitalized patients remained on ventilators.

As per the Mortality Analysis, during the last 24 hours as many as 43 COVID-19 patients had succumbed to the deadly virus.

Out of the 43 dead in past 24 hours, 86 percent (37) of the deceased patients remained hospitalized whereas 6 had died at home.

It added that 28 hospitalized patients who died were on ventilator and 67 percent (29) deceased were males whereas 79 percent deceased had co-morbidities (overlapping or existing of multiple medical conditions at the same time).

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