KARACHI, Dec 10 (APP):Canada cares about the prosperity of Pakistan and its people as the Canadian government is interested in the well-being of nations with a sizable population that have immigrated to Canada, says a statement here on Sunday.
It said that Pakistan is one of the leading source countries
of immigrants to Canada.
The statement said that this was pointed out by the Canadian High Commissioner in Pakistan, Perry J. Calderwood, at a reception hosted by him and the Honorary Consul of Canada in Karachi, Byram Avari, to celebrate the 150th anniversary year of Canada’s confederation.
He said Canada is a peaceful, pluralistic society with
strong democratic values and the country is characterized by its
diversity and inclusiveness, and diversity is Canada’s strength
as it promotes multi-culturalism.
The envoy stated that Canada welcomes some 300,000
immigrants every year which is nearly one per cent of its
population. Pakistan is one of the leading source countries of
immigrants to Canada.
Canadians continue the longstanding tradition of welcoming
refugees. In 2016, Canada received nearly 40,000 Syrian refugees,
many of whom were sponsored by local community groups. A similar
number is being welcomed this year.
Canada’s commitment to inclusiveness is reflected in its
political leadership. For the first time in history, Canada’s
federal cabinet, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is
characterized by gender parity with women occupying half of the
ministerial portfolios.
The cabinet includes several ministers who were born outside
of Canada.
Calderwood said Canada is proud that all Canadians are
equal, and can aspire to occupy the highest offices in the land,
whether they became citizens last week, or their ancestors
arrived in Canada centuries ago.
This means that the rights of all citizens- regardless of
race, religion, language, gender, sexual orientation or
disabilities, are respected and that everyone has a contribution
to make.
He added that history has taught Canadians that
inclusiveness and respect for diversity provide the best
foundation for a prosperous, secure and well-governed country.
The Canadian envoy said that valuing diversity also extends
to Canada’s foreign relations as it cares about the security and
prosperity of countries where our fellow Canadians come from, and
where they have families and friends.
Thus Pakistan has been a major recipient of Canadian
Development and Humanitarian Assistance.
Reception was largely attended by diplomats, government and
military officials, politicians and elite of town.