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ISLAMABAD, Dec 07 (APP):Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq Thursday congratulated over 97 million currently
registered voters of country and many more that are going to be added in the
due course on the eve of 2nd National Voters Day.
He said that Commemoration of National Voters Day not just highlights the significance and
power of vote but also served as a reminder for creating awareness among the
people of the country to ensure their maximum participation in the electoral
processes, said a press release issued here.
“This day holds historic significance, as it marked the first time adult franchise in
1970 based on the principle of one man one vote” he added.
The Speaker Said that the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan
had acknowledged vote as a right, by explicitly quoting in the preamble that
the State shall exercise its powers through the chosen representatives; hence
the National Assembly of Pakistan was repository of the Nation’s democratic
He said that over 97 million registered voters were going to define their fate in the General
Elections of 2018.
“On this day and beyond, all the relevant stakeholders must jointly strive for making citizens aware of their constitutional right and the need to exercise the same discreetly” he said.
Sardar Ayaz Sadiq remarked that there was a need to strive towards a democracy
that reflects inclusion, accountability and truly representative structures.
He said that democracy could not be truly representative if all demographic groups especially women,
youth and minorities were not equally made part of the processes.
He further said that over 44% of the total registered voters were under the age of 35, the youth
therefore was going to have a huge impact in the upcoming elections. In addition, huge gender gap in the registered voters also needed to be accounted for as currently women comprise of just 44% of the total registered voters.
“While almost 12% gender gap between men and women registered voters constitutes a huge number of missing
women voters. In the true spirit of democracy, it is essential that these women
are taken along in the electoral process to make it more inclusive” the Speaker
The Speaker said that with the first ever transition of power from one
democratically elected government to another in 2013; Pakistan paved its way
towards the path of sustainable parliamentary democracy.
He said “As we move closer to the General Elections of 2018, we must realize that timely,
free and fair elections are without doubt one of the most significant drivers
for strengthening democracy and political processes in the country.”
Sardar Ayaz Sadiq highlighted that Parliament of Pakistan prides itself for taking the lead
in this process as the comprehensive legislation on electoral reforms has
unanimously been passed after all parties’ rigorous consultations.
“The law
also authorizes ECP to declare results of a specific election null and void if
the turnout of women voters in the particular constituency is less than 10 per
cent” he remarked.
The Speaker said that before commencing the General Elections of
2018, the Election Commission of Pakistan needs to launch a number of civic and
voters’ education programs including seminars, walks and mass awareness
campaign at federal, provincial, district and union council levels to create
awareness among the masses from voter registration to casting of vote.