ISLAMABAD, Jun 19 (APP):The anti-locust operations had carried out in 8,393.53 square kilometers approximately 2.75 million acres across 42 affected districts of the country to eradicate pests attack and to save agriculture land from its harmful impacts.
More than 972 joint teams took part in the anti-locusts operation in 42 districts of the country, according to details released by the National Locust Control Center(NLCC) on Friday.
The joint teams of the Ministry of National Food Security, provincial departments of agriculture and Pakistan Army conducting a comprehensive survey and control operation against locusts in different districts of the country and
so far 80.11 million acres have been surveyed.
In Punjab, about 274,289 acres had surveyed during last 24 hours and more then 2,220 people and 320 vehicles
took part in this exercise.
Sofar, under anti-locust drive the survey was completed over an area of 20.33 million acres and operation completed over 837,826 acres.
Meanwhile, in Sindh survey was conducted over 109,717 acres during last 24 hours, where as the locust presence was confirmed in seven districts and anti-locust operation was carried out on 860 acres.
More then 24 vehicles and 483 peoples participated in in this campaign.
Oveall, the survey was completed on 10.87 million acres in the province, whereas the control operation was carried out over an area of 99,583 acres.
In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 201,938 acres surveyed during last 24 hours and locust infestation was confirmed in four districts including Dera Ismial Khan, Tank, Lakki Marwat, Karak, where as anti-locust operation was carried out over an area of 1,927 acres. The operation was carried out with the help of 985 people and 125 vehicles.
So far 10.15 million acres area has been surveyed and 139,898 acres area has been operated in the province.
In Balochistan, during last last 24 hours 309,519 hectare has been surveyed and infestation was confirmed in 29 districts including Khuzdar, Awaran, Noshki, Chaghi, Gwadar, Othal, Kharran, Panjgourr and Quetta and others.
More than 1318 people and more than 120 vehicles took part in the operation. So far, 20.76 million acres area has been surveyed and 997,416 acres has been operated in the province.
In addition to aerial spraying with the help of airplanes and helicopters, non-conventional methods are also being used for effective control of locust during control operations.