MUZAFFARABAD, Dec 04 (APP):Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Raja Farooq Haidar Khan has said that the state press is highlighting comprehensively public issues and playing its role in unveiling Indian atrocities and human abuses in Indian held
Kashmir perpetuating by Indian Armed forces.
The Kashmiri people are engaged in indigenous freedom movement against illegitimate and illegal occupation
of India. He said while holding a meeting with the members of AKNS headed by its president Amir Mehmood.
He said that AJK government will continue patronizing the state press with possible means and the
government will increase its allocated budget for advertisement and giving sound coverage of the government
activities and its developmental projects in the newspapers.
Raja Farooq said that the state press is delivering its services and highlighting the issues of the common
masses with meager resources and in tough conditions. He said that our government has no media favoritism
policy and we welcome the healthy and constructive criticism of the press and appreciate for identifying the flaws
or carelessness of government functionaries.
On the occasion Chairman AKNS sought the attention of PM Raja Farooq towards the financial difficulties of
the state press. The PM on the occasion directed his Principal Secretary Raja Khalid Kiyani and press secretary
Raja Waseem to hold consultation with AKNS so that report could be presented in the cabinet .
The AJK PM said that implementation on the transaction of one percent development budget to
Information department would be made possible soon and the PID has been directed to submit working plan in this regard he added.
The president AKNS and other members thanked the Prime Minister Raja Farooq and assured the state press
will extend its full cooperation with his government for the resolution of public issues and the development of the liberated area.