ISLAMABAD, Oct 22 (APP): Dr. Hafiz Abid Masood assumed duties as Head Department of Protocol and Public Relations (P&PR) of International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) on Thursday.
According to an office order, Dr. Hafiz Abid Masood, Assistant
Professor (English) has been assigned responsibilities of P&PR, a
news release said.
Dr. Hafiz Abid Masood has a PhD in early modern literature and
culture from School of English, University of Sussex, United Kingdom
and a veteran faculty member of the university who is also known for
his administrative abilities.
He has also served as Provost (male) and currently working as
Students’ Advisor (male).
Abid Masood joined IIUI back in 1999 at English department,
whereas he has also acquired number of grants and fellowships.
“To bridge the media, varsity gap and promote educational
developments would be top priority being here at P&PR” he vowed.