ISLAMABAD, Aug 17 (APP): Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK, Syed
Ibne Abbas during his visit to Bradford, inaugurated the new Consulate Building in Bradford on 16 August 2017. Shifting of new Consulate has been appreciated by the Community, a press release of HC, UK said.
Members of the community, Mayors, Councillors, business persons,
media representatives and professionals from various fields i.e. doctors, engineers, solicitors and accountants. Naz Shah MP attended the event.
New Consulate is independent Building in Centre of City with easy
access besides having easy access for physically challenged/disabled persons. The Consulate has 14 free parking spaces and all facilities are provided within the Consulate, i.e. bank counter, photocopier, photo
booth, vending machine, etc
The High Commissioner praised the new facility and got very positive
feedback from the community. Addressing the community, he applauded their important role in the socio-cultural and economic fields in the UK.
However, he urged the community to enhance the level of integration with
the mainstream British society to take advantage of the educational and economic opportunities available in this country.
The High Commissioner underscored the importance of women and youth
participation in social and community events for developing their
confidence and other necessary social skills and provision of quality education for the children and youth.
The High Commissioner also reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to
providing political, moral and diplomatic support to the people of
Kashmir for their rightful cause of self-determination. However, he
stated that Pakistan believes in a peaceful neighbourhood and wants to resolve all outstanding issues through peaceful means.
The High Commissioner commended the efforts of Consul General
Bradford, Ahmad Amjad Ali, in relocating the Consulate to a purpose made premises.