Uncertainty forces unprecedented number of Indians to abandon citizenship

ISLAMABAD, JULY 26 (APP): Increasing tension, division of society on minority lines, unemployment and uncertain future under the Modi regime has forced unprecedented number of Indians to give up their citizenship, taking the figure to historic level of 9,32,000 since 2017.

Giving up the citizenship has specially paced up since Bharatiya Janata Party, led by Narendra Modi, took over the power back in 2014.

In year 2021 a record number of 1,63,370 Indian nationals opted to renounce their nationality, The Print reported while quoting to Indian Minister of State.

“A total of 1,63,370 Indian nationals renounced their citizenship in 2021. In 2020, the number had fallen to just 85,248 from 1,44,217 in 2019, the highest until then,” it reported

The highest number of applications to renounce Indian citizenship, the data reveals, came from the United States of America, with 78,284, followed by Australia, with 23,533, Canada, with 21,597, the United Kingdom, with 14,637, and Italy, with 5,986.

According to The Print, India, unlike some other countries, does not allow for dual citizenship—and all Indian nationals who acquire foreign nationalities are legally required to renounce their Indian citizenship.

The number of Indians who renounced their citizenship after acquiring Pakistani nationality rose to 41 in 2021, from 7 in 2020 and zero in 2019.

A small number of Indians living in China (362) also renounced their citizenship, having obtained nationality in that country, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Thailand, Germany and Italy.

Small numbers of Indians also obtained citizenship of countries from Kenya, Botswana and South Korea. Vietnam, Sudan, Mongolia and Zimbabwe were among countries from where no Indians applied to renounce their citizenship.

Indian incumbent Prime Minister, Narendra Modi had shown big dreams to Indian people, promising them ‘Vikas’ (progress and development), only to come to power. After assuming the power, he had virtually turned Indian unlivable place.

People on social media have sarcastically reminded Modi of his promises to progress and development which he failed to fulfill.

Uncertainty forces unprecedented number of Indians to abandon citizenship

Indian experts told the Wire that increase in unemployment since 2015, failure of Narendra Modi’s promises to take Indian to highest of development and quality of living facilities were some reasons for people to leave India.

Uncertainty forces unprecedented number of Indians to abandon citizenship