Pakistan thanks USAID for additional financial help for food-hit people

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WASHINGTON, Sep 10 (APP):Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States , Masood Khan, has thanked U.S. development agency USAID chief Samantha Power for announcing $20 million in additional help for flood-devastated Pakistan, saying she is a “dynamic leader”.

“The people of Pakistan are grateful to you for your presence in Pakistan at this difficult hour and for enhancing humanitarian assistance for the flood victims”, the Ambassador said, as the US aid rose to $51.1 million.

“Ms. Samantha Power is a dynamic leader who has always championed humanitarian causes”, he said.

In a tweet after personally assessing the situation in the flood-battered areas, Ms. Power said she had “never seen so much water on land. Melted glaciers & unprecedented monsoon rains flooded one third of the country.”

Responding to her tweet, Masood Khan said, “We are indebted to you, and USAID.”

In a letter sent to the USAID chief last month, the Pakistani envoy apprised her of the scale of the calamity and the widespread destruction caused by the unprecedented flood.

“As we strive to mitigate the suffering of our people and cope with this colossal calamity, we would continue to count on your support”, wrote the Ambassador.

“The United States Stands with Pakistan during this difficult hour”, Ms. Power said in her response.

Noting that USAID was monitoring the situation in close coordination with staff, partners and Pakistani officials, Ms. Power assured the Ambassador of continued support of the United States during difficult period.