ISLAMABAD, Nov 30 (APP): Pakistan on Monday summoned Acting
High Commissioner of Bangladesh to Foreign Office to lodge protest
on the statements of Bangladesh government.
Foreign Office Spokesperson in a statement issued here today
said the Acting Bangladesh High Commissioner to Pakistan was
summoned by Director General (SA & SAARC) and was informed that the
Government of Pakistan rejected the baseless and unfounded
assertions of the Bangladesh Government conveyed vide its note of
23 November.
The spokesperson said Pakistan also rejected insinuation of
“complicity in committing crimes or war atrocities”.
“It is regrettable that attempts have been made by the
Government of Bangladesh to malign Pakistan, despite our ardent
desire to develop brotherly relations with Bangladesh,” said the
He said Pakistan believes that the peoples of both the
countries not only want to maintain but also further strengthen the
bonds of friendship and brotherhood.
However, sadly, the Government of Bangladesh does not seem to
respect these sentiments, the spokesperson observed.
The spokesperson said the 1974 tripartite Agreement is the
bedrock of relations between the two countries. He said as regards
the Bangladesh Government’s contention that Pakistan presents a
misleading interpretation of the Agreement of 1974, it needs to be
emphasized that, as part of the Agreement, the Government of
Bangladesh had ‘decided not to proceed with the trials as an act of
“Pakistan reiterates its desire for further enhancing
relations with Bangladesh, because we believe that the hearts of the
people of Pakistan beat in unison with the people of Bangladesh,”
said the spokesperson.
He said it is important for the two countries not to forget
the role played by their people in the struggle for the
establishment of a separate homeland for the Muslims of the South
Asian sub-continent.
It is, therefore, imperative to move forward in the spirit of
goodwill, friendship and harmony for the collective good of the
peoples of Pakistan and Bangladesh, said the spokesperson.