Pak US ‘Green Energy Initiative’ to add 3500 MW to national grid: Ambassador

WASHINGTON, Nov 5 (APP): Pakistan and the United States have agreed on “Green Energy Initiative” which will add 3,500 megawatts of energy to the national grid, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Jalil Abbas Jilani said here.
Speaking to a group of Pakistani media persons who are here to cover
the US presidential elections, Ambassador Jilani said Dassu Hydro Project, which was of crucial importance for Pakistan, also involved US cooperation.
Welcoming the media people, the Ambassador lauded the interest of
Pakistani media in the upcoming elections and said it was a sure sign
of progress media is making in Pakistan.
Giving a broader perspective of Pakistan US relations, the Ambassador
said that these ties were very important and had improved significantly over the years.
The revival of the Strategic Dialogue in 2013 has laid down a strong
foundation of the fresh start to further strengthen between the two countries, Ambassador Jilani said while drawing the attention towards
six working groups between Pakistan and the US.
These working groups, he said, were working for advancing interests
of both the countries in different fields namely Economic, Finance &
Trade, Energy Sector cooperation, Counter Terrorism and Law Enforcement Cooperation, Defence Cooperation, Nuclear Cooperation and Cooperation in the fields of Education, Science and Technology.
Since Pakistan was the largest recipient of the Full Bright Scholarship
Programme, under the ambit of the US Pakistan Knowledge Corridor Project, Pakistan was working closely with the various American universities to forge new possibilities for our students, the Ambassador said.

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