WASHINGTON, Dec. 19 (APP):The New US National Security Strategy that was unveiled by President Trump on Monday sees the prospects of a nuclear conflict between Pakistan and India a key concern as both South and Central Asia have been described as regions presenting the most complicated national security challenges and opportunities.
The prospect for an Indo-Pakistani military conflict that could lead to a nuclear exchange remains a key concern requiring consistent diplomatic attention, according to the official text of the strategy released by the White House.
Earlier, President Trump unveiling the strategy said it was based on a principled realism, guided by our vital national interest and rooted in our timeless values. He said the United States was engaged in a new era of competition, citing Russia and China as the main rivals that seek to challenge American influence, values and wealth.
The strategy that was separately released by the White House discuss various regions and the US priorities and strategies to deal with the challenges it faces to the country’s national security.
The new strategy sees countering terrorist threats that impact the security of the US homeland and its allies as its interests in the South and Central Asian region that raises the prospect of military and nuclear tensions. We seek an American presence in the region proportionate to threats to the homeland and our allies.
The region spans the terrorist threats emanating from the Middle East and the competition for power unfolding in Europe and the Indo-Pacific, according to the text of the strategy.
Outlining economic aspect of the new foreign policy approach, the National Security strategy encouraged integration of Central and South Asia to promote prosperity and economic linkages that will bolster connectivity and trade.
In Pakistan, we will build trade and investment ties as security improves and as Pakistan demonstrates that it will assist the United States in our counterterrorism goals, according to the new strategy.
On the political side, the new strategy aims at deepening the US strategic partnership with India and support its leadership role in Indian Ocean security and throughout the broader region.
The United States will also encourage Pakistan to continue demonstrating that it is a responsible steward of its nuclear assets. We will continue to partner with Afghanistan to promote peace and security in the region.
The new strategy will continue to promote anti-corruption reform in Afghanistan to increase the legitimacy of its government and reduce the appeal of violent extremist organizations.
We will bolster the fighting strength of the Afghan security forces to convince the Taliban that they cannot win on the battlefield and to set the conditions for diplomatic efforts to achieve enduring peace, the strategy statement said.