By Seema Mir

ISLAMABAD, Jan 27 (APP): Till date, we have heard the saying, “An apple a date keeps the doctor away”, but, now new researches are saying, “An orange a day keeps diseases at away”.
According to researches the diseases which are prevented by taking an orange a day are heart ailments as well as diseases related to nervous system.
More elaborately, oranges boost immunity, are good for brain function, skin, eyes and prevent hair loss; besides, preventing heart disease, cancer and stomach ulcer.
It is said that taking orange early in the morning with empty stomach improves liver function.
In the Holy Quran, Almighty Allah says, “I have not inflicted any disease on the mankind that has no cure.”
That cure the health experts say lie in the seasonal fruits and vegetables as these are enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, which in some way or the other fight out the diseases and improve overall health.
One such fruit is orange that is abundant these days.It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan is reportedly the sixth largest producer of oranges in the world and hence it is in access to the common man.
A medical practioner Dr. Shazia Durrani said that it was better to take vitamins and minerals in a natural way through fruits and vegetables than taking the vitamins.
When asked about the nutritional benefits of the oranges she said, “Oranges are very good for health as these have essential vitamins and minerals and one of them is Vitamin C.
Vitamin C , she said was not only good for immune system but also for circulatory system,maintenance of healthy energy system, for skin and eye diseases as well as for brain function.
It merits a mention here that not very long ago people used to eat oranges while sitting in the sun being ignorant of benefits of their practice.About the practice medical science says, as sunshine is the best source of Vitamin D and this vitamin along with Vitamin C assists in absorbing calcium from the intestines for onward transmission to the body thus making it healthy and preventing it from
Researches have shown that just one orange has about 100 mg of vitamin C which is 130 percent of the daily recommended intake.