ISLAMABAD, Mar 19 (APP):Senator Faisal Javed on Tuesday reminded Bilawal Bhutto that Pakistan had emerged as peace ambassador for the entire world after sacrifices
of 70,000 people and a substantive loss of $123 billion in the war against
In a statement issued by PTI Central Media Department, he said,
“Sadly, Bilawal is portraying a completely false picture of our country.
Completely opposite to what our brave soldiers have done for ensuring
the world’s peace”.
Expressing displeasure over Bilawal’s tweet, he said that he never
expected this from a young politician like him but sadly Bilawal was
following his Baba Saeen’s footsteps. “Your politics is outdated as the
world has changed now. PPP is a history now” he remarked.
He expressed disappointment the way Bilawal was carrying out
anti-peace narrative and advised him to sue the author who wrote
about his secret accounts abroad.
“This is Naya Pakistan”, he said and added people were pro-peace
and they did promote peace.
Senator Faisal Javed said that over 70 percent of Sindh population
was below the poverty line. He asked Bilawal what his father and he
had done for people of Sindh as their party had been ruling there for
the last 30 years.