Three-day “Crafts Festival” to start from April 19

ISLAMABAD, Apr 15 (APP):A three-day “Crafts Festival” would be held here from April 19, organized by a local hotel in collaboration with Nomad Art and Cultural Centre.

Many skilled handicraft workers would participate in the festival including women from rural areas to display unique mesmerizing cultural handicrafts of the country.

The crafts represent a valuable material heritage, which forms a tangible part of our historical and contemporary culture with is aimed to promote and preserve traditional folk crafts of the country.

The different regions and cities specialize in their own particular handicrafts. This is why there is so much diversity and variety in the crafts of the country.

In Pakistan, handicrafts market has seen tremendous growth in the last 10 to 15 years. The items which come under the umbrella of handicrafts are textiles, carpets/rugs and furniture.

Every city has its own handicrafts specialty ranging from fabric, material, embroidery, to jewelry, carving, mirror work and other handicraft items.

Each colour, style, design and motif carries with it a unique symbol portraying the culture of that particular area and builds on people’s indigenous skills.

The immense magic created by Pakistani hands is visible from the timeless artistry of the dazzling semi-precious jewelry, exquisite furniture, colorful toys,dolls, beautiful paintings and enthralling sculptures.