ISLAMABAD, Oct 30 (APP): The three-day Heritage Photo exhibition
concluded here Friday featuring unique moments of water carriers and
folk heritage at National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage,
Lok Virsa.
The exhibition was the outcome of a Heritage Photo Contest arranged
by Silk Road Centre, Lok Virsa and Nestle Pakistan on the theme of “A
Tribute to the Water Carriers of Pakistan” in which over 100 participants
presented their works while 3 best photos were awarded as best entries
of the competition.
The participants captured unique photos and rare moments to
visually document the water carriers while fetching, carrying or
delivering water in everyday life. The photographic works showed the
water carriers along with their water containers such as clay pots,
water skin bags, buckets, plastic bottles, cans, canisters etc.,
in a real life setting.
The top photo of the exhibition was displayed with the title
“A drop to drink! Rainwater pond, a symbol of life in Cholistan” while
the other pictures also followed the theme from various aspects.
The exhibition was organized to mark the World Day for Audio
Visual Heritage while the contest was inspired by water as an essential
element of culture and heritage.
According to the organizers, Water has played a major role in
shaping the modern world. As early as 2500 BC, cities in the Indus
Valley built water wells to supply water to city dwellers. Women and
children have to walk miles everyday to carry back water for the
family. Therefore, the photo contest was dedicated to highlight the
value of water in everyday culture and celebrate the role the water
carriers are playing to deliver water to millions of families across
This year’s photo contest highlights the issue and pays tributes
to the water carriers who make life possible for millions of people
in Pakistan.