WB provides $3.8 mln for forest protection


ISLAMABAD, Aug 16 (APP): World Bank has provided
funds amounting to $3.8 million under the REDD+ programme
to Pakistan to protect forests and controlling their shrinkage.
“We cannot protect the country from devastating
impacts of global warming-induced climate change, as long as
our forests continue to remain chopped down. Forests are the
best way to achieve enhanced climate resilience against fallouts
of the climate change impacts,” said an official of the Ministry
of Climate Change while taking to APP.
The lack of access to energy for cooking and heating in
households, illegal tree cutting, population growth and
associated wood demand surge, changes in land cover for non-
forestry uses, land erosion and degradation are among major
causes of deforestation in the country.
“Controlling deforestation in the country is not possible
without increasing access to renewable and alternative energy
sources, particularly for cooking and heating in households,
reducing occurrence of land erosion and landslides by
strengthening forested mountain slopes with vegetation cover
and increasing public awareness about positive effects of forests
on overall environment, human health and biodiversity.”
To a question, he said, involvement of local and
indigenous forest community, community-based organizations,
and educational institutions is key to bringing new life into the
country’s unwell forestry sector.