Voices of Kashmiri people cannot be silenced: Senator Qayyum

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ISLAMABAD, Jan 30 (APP): Senator, PML-N Lt.Gen (Retd) Abdul
Qayyum on Monday said that the voices of Kashmiri people for their
freedom cannot be silenced by the gunfires of Indian security
Talking to a private news channel he said, Pakistan would
continue to support the struggle of Kashmiris for their right to
“We cannot forget history of Pakistan and Indian history as
Hindu mentality has always opposed the rise of Muslims in
India”, he said.
Senator said BJP is running its government with the
philosophy of RSS. On the other hand, minorities in Pakistan are
treated equally and they have religious freedom.
India is continuing with its state terrorism in occupied
Kashmir. India wants to pressurize regional countries to establish
its dominance, he added.
However, Pakistan is the only country which stands against
India nefarious designs, he concluded.