Top seeds move into quartefinals of Chairman POF Board Tennis Championships

Pakistan’s top junior aims to emulate Roger Federer’s feats

ISLAMABAD, Oct 19 (APP): Top seed Aqeel Khan, Ahmed Chaudhry, Heera Ashiq, Barkat ullah, Muzammil Murtaza, Shahzad Khan, Aman Atiq and Muhammad Abid moved into the quarterfinals by beating their respective opponents in the First Chairman POF Board National Ranking Tennis Championships 2016 here at Ordinance Club, Wah Cannt on Wednesday.

Barkat Ullah made the major upset when he eliminated 7th seed Usman  Rafiq in straight sets at score 7-5,6-4. Barkat Ullah from Peshawar played excellent game of tennis with power full ground stokes from baseline.

He won the first set at 7-5 by breaking 12 game of Usman Rafiq and took the second set at 6-4 by breaking the 5th game. He will now face Heera Ashiq in the quarterfinal on Thursday.

In the boys Under 18 singles all the seeded players moved into the quarterfinals by beating their respective opponents. The best match played in this event was between Barkat Ullah and Hamza Bin Rehan. Barkat Ullah won the match at score 1-6,6-4,6-1 Following are the results:

Men’s singles second round matches 

Aqeel Khan beat Raja Shahid 6-0 Ret.; Ahmed Ch. Beat Haris Irfan ul Haq 6-2,6-0; Heera Ashiq beat Abbas Khan 6-1,6-1; Barkat ullah beat Usman Rafiq 7-5,6-4; Muzammil Murtaza beat Shahid Afridi 6-1,6-2; Shahzad Khan beat Arham Atiq 6-3,6-2; aman Atiq beat Ahmed Babar 6-1,6-3; Muhammad Abid beat Shahzad PAF 6-0,6-1

Men’s Doubles First round matches 

Abdal Haider, Arham Atiq beat Qasim Ali, Zeeshan Malik 6-4,6-3; Malik Abdul Rehman, Ahmed Babar beat Brig. Allah Nawaz 6-3,6-4; Umair Salim, Syed Shams beat Amjad Ishaq, Col. Farukh 6-4,1-6,10-7 Boys Under 18

Singles second round matches

Muzammil Murtaza beat Zeeshan Bachani 6-0,6-2; Saqib Umer beat Abdul Sami Qureshi 6-2,3-6,6-1; Aman Atiq beat M. Abdullah 6-0,6-1; Asad Ullah beat Talha Bin Asif 6-4,6-4;
Yousaf Khan beat ilham Khan 4-6,7-5,6-3; Barkat Ullah beat Hamza Bin Rehan 1-6,6-4,6-1; Muhammad Shoaib beat Hafiz Arbab Ali 6-1,6-1; Haris Irfan ul Haq beat Haider Ali Khan 6-1,6-0

Boys Under 14 Singles second round matches:

Muhammad Shoaib beat Subhan Bin Salik 4-2,4-2, M. Abdullah beat Bilal Asim 4-1,4-2; Nalain Abbas beat Zalan Khan 4-0,4-2; Hamza Roman beat M. Talha Khan 4-2,4-2; Hamid Israr beat Syed Mahad 5-3,4-0; Sami Zaib beat Shayan Shamraiz 4-1,5-3; Samad Areejo beat Hamza Mazhar 4-1,4-0; Hamza Bin Rehan beat Kamran Khan 4-0, 4-0 Boys Under 10

singles first round matches 

M. Talha Khan beat Zainab Ali Raja 4-0,4-0; Ahmed Nael Qureshi beat Farhan Shah Khan 4-0,4-0; M Huzaifa Khan beat Fatima Ali Raja 4-0,4-0; Yahya Musa Luni w/o Anam Ali.