ISLAMABAD, Oct 28 (APP): Top seed Aqeel Khan, Heera Ashiq, Mudassar Murtaza, Muhammad Mushtaq, Shahzad Khan, Abdal Haider, Muzammil Murtaza and Ahmed Chudhary advanced into the quarterfinals of OGDCL Syed Tajammul Abbas Memorial ATT Tennis Championships at Syed Dilawar Abbas PTF Tennis Complex, Islamabad on Friday.
Ahmed Chudhary runner-up of 1st leg won his match against upcoming Aman Attique Khan in three hours and 40 minutes in an outstanding match of the tournament so far.
Both the players displaced quality tennis . Ahmed Chudhary played some marvelous shots in the decided tie-breaker and won at 8-6. He will face Aqeel Khan in the quarterfinal on Saturday.
The other best encounter of the day was held between Usman Rafique of Lahore and Mudassar Murtaza of Jahanian. Usman Rafique won the first set at 6-4 by breaking 9th game of the 1st set by displaying serve volley game.
Mudassar fought back and won the second set at 6-2 by breaking 2nd and 4th game.
In the final set the score went upto 6-all as both the players hold their respective serves and set was decided on tie-break, which was won by Mudassar 7-5.
In the 2nd match upcoming Abdal Hyder defeated Zaid Mujahid of Lahore in a thrilling three-set match 6-0,3-6,7-5.
Davis cupper Muhammad Mustaq struggle hard to win his match against Arham Khan in another good match of the day in three sets 6-2-6-7 (6-1). Pakistan number Aqeel Khan faced no resistance from his opponent M. Ali and easily won the match at the score of 6-2, 6-2. Shahzad Khan,Heera Ashique and Muzammil Murtaza also won their matches in straight sets.
Following are the results:
Men singles (1st round)
Mudassir Murtaza beat Usman Rafique 4-6,6-2,7-6(5),Aqeel Khan beat Sahibzada M.Ali 6-2,6-2,Heera ashique beat Haris Irfan Ul Haque 6-4,6-1,Muhammad Mustaq beat Arham Khan 6-2,6-7(6)-6-1,Shahzad Khan beat Babar Ahmed 6-0,6-1,Abdal Hyder beat Zaid Mujahid 6-0,3-6,7-5,Muzammil Murtaza beat Malik Abdul Rehman 6-1,6-1,Ahmed
Chudhary beat Aman Attique Khan 6-3,6-7(8),7-6(6) Muhammad Mushtaq will face Heera Ashique, Shahzad Khan will face Mudassir Murtaza,Abdal hyder will play against Muzammil Murtaza and Aqeel Khan will play against Ahmed Chudhary In the quarterfinals at 10:00am. Semifinals will be played at 2:30 pm.