Thank you very much Prime Minister: Marriyum Aurangzeb

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ISLAMABAD, June 5 (APP): Minister of state for Information,
Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb has
felicitated Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on the successful completion of four years out of his five years mandated period,
recounting the achievements of the government under his stewardship
in different fields of the national life.
The Prime Minister’s four years historic tenure are marked by
unprecedented achievement and economic accession of Pakistan, she
In a statement issued here Monday, she said Prime Minister Nawaz
Sharif had the honour and distinction of being elected as the Chief Executive of the country for the third time on 5th June 2013 and had
fully justified the franchise of the people by taking concrete and
practical steps to winch the country out of the quagmire that it was
stuck into and by surmounting the formidable inherited challenges.
She said that some of the major achievements of the Prime Minister
during the last four years included formulation of the first ever
internal security policy of the country; initiation of a successful
targeted operation in Karachi ; restoration of peace in Balochistan; dismantling and decimation of the network of the terrorists bringing appreciable decrease in the incidents of terrorism; initiation of
process of reforms in FATA and the development of extensive
infrastructure in the country.
Marriyum said that under his leadership census had also been
successfully completed after nineteen years pause and incidentally the
last census in 1998 was also held during his premiership. Undoubtedly
this era witnessed remarkable reforms in Railways and IT sectors,
the MOS added.
She said that energy production in the country had also witnessed
record increase leading to discernible decrease in load-shedding.
She said that the government had also put in place epoch making measures
to bring improvement in the education and health sectors and health care programme of the Prime Minister was quintessential of those steps.
Marriyum emphatically claimed that by reviving the national economy
a respectable niche had been carved out in the comity of nations.
The MOS said that the CPEC and the steps taken for restoration of
peace were gifts from the Prime Minister for the people of this region.
She said that the CPEC had the potential to completely transform the economic profile of the entire region.
The minister observed that the coming year was the last years of
the tenure of the government and by the grace of God all the development projects initiated during the last four years would be successfully completed.
She urged all the political parties, provincial governments to
support the efforts of the government for development, prosperity and national solidarity.
Marriyum said that the well-being of the people was inextricably
linked to the continuation of democracy and the democratic process.