Solar eclipse sweeping across America

NEW YORK, Aug 21 (APP): A total solar eclipse began in the United States
Monday, first making contact over the State of Oregon with the moon completely blocking the sun and casting a shadow on Earth, according to American television reports.
From there, the eclipse will arc west to east, ending on South
Carolina’s coast.
“Sudden darkness of totality is just something a lot of people can’t
compare to anything else,” NASA visualizer Ernie Wright, who created an exact map of the shadow’s route, said.
New York is not in the direct path of the first coast-to-coast total
eclipse since 1918, but people will see partial eclipse later today.
For brief moments, the sky over various U.S. cities plunged into
darkness and temperatures dropped as much as 12 degrees.
Crowds cheered and roared as the sun’s outer atmosphere, which is
usually obscured by glare, appeared as a ring of ethereal white wisps around the moon while it blocked the solar surface.
In areas with clear skies, bright stars and planets appeared in the
darkened daytime sky.
And as the sun reemerged from behind the moon, it created a “diamond
ring” effect.