Sindh Governor appreciates Rumanian interest in joining CPEC

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KARACHI, Apr 11 (APP): Governor of Sindh, Muhammad Zubair in a meeting with a 12-member delegation of Pakistan – Romania Business Council here on Tuesday hailed their interest in joining the CPEC project.
Talking to the delegation that called on him at the Governor House, he said the growing volume of bilateral trade between the two countries was a positive development that could be further bolstered through CPEC.
“It is heartening to note that bilateral trade volume between Pakistan and Romania has reached to $300 billion as it reflects confidence mutually enjoyed by the two countries,” said the Governor of Sindh.
Business relationship between the two countries, matters of mutual interest and investment opportunities in the province, with equal attention as how this could be further improved, were extensively discussed on the occasion.
Governor of Sindh said law and order situation, proper planning and economic policies were crucial to attract foreign investment, however, geographical position of Karachi has further added to its value for local as well as foreign investors.
“The government is paying extra attention towards security situation in Karachi and consequently it has emerged as an ideal destiny for investors,” reiterated the Governor of Sindh.
In reply to a question by a delegate he said completion of CPEC will open fresh vista of development and progress for not only Pakistan but for entire South Asia and other neighboring regions.
In the current era of shrinking distances entire world can be beneficiary, said the Governor.
“China Pakistan Economic Corridor is actually a game changer for the region as well for the world in general,” he said.