Rs 1,776.872 m allocated for Science and Technological Research Division


ISLAMABAD, June 3 (APP): The government has allocated Rs 1,776.872 million for 18 on-going and three new schemes of Science and Technological Research Division under Public Sector Development Sector Programme (PSDP) for next fiscal year 2016-17.
According to the budgetary document released here on Friday, total Rs 1,693.222 million has been earmarked for the on-going schemes and Rs 83.650 million for new schemes.
Among the on-going schemes, a total of Rs 700 million has been allocated for Science Talent Farming Scheme (STFS) for Young Students-Pahse-1 (Component-1) and Rs 200 million for Certification Incentive Programme for SMEs under PQI Initiative 2025.
A total of Rs 189.853 million has been allocated for Upgradation and Modernization of Building of PCSIR Laboratories Complex, Karachi, Rs 152.932 million for Upgradation/BMR of NPSL, Islamabad and Rs 119.893 million for Balancing, Modernization & Refurmishment of (BMR) of PCSIR Laboratories Lahore.
Among the new schemes, Rs 53.650 million has been allocated for Feasibility Study for the establishment of Technology Park, Islamabad and Rs 20 million for the establishment of the Facility for the Indigenous Development of Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) Ballon Catheters, Nust.
Besides this, Rs 2,500 million has been allocated for the on-going scheme of Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite (PRSS) Lahore (China) under Space and Upper Atmosphare Research Commission.