Power generation capacity to rise up to 25,000 Megawatt by year end: Abid Sher

Power generation capacity to rise up to 25,000 Megawatt by year end: Abid Sher

MULTAN, May 3 (APP): State Minister for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali said on Wednesday that the power generation capacity would rise up to 24,000-25,000 Megawatt by year end.
Addressing a press conference at the Mepco Headquarters here, the minister said that initially the power generation capacity would be elevated to 20,000 Megawatt by July-Aug this year.
Abid said 325 Megawatt electricity would be added to the national grid in the ongoing month (May).
He said that power generation plants were generating electricity satisfactorily.
He said a transmission line system had been upgraded by installing 950 kilometres long new transmission line including 450 kilometres line only in Mepco region.
He said 38 40MVA power transformers had been installed that had enabled Wapda to resolve problem of overloaded grid stations by 80-90 per cent.
He said that 60 new 132KV grid stations had been built and made operational while nine 66KV grid stations had been upgraded to above 100KV capacity.
He said the promise made by Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif regarding no loadshedding in 2018 would  be fulfilled.
Abid Sher said that power plants were being shifted to coal to produce cheaper electricity to provide relief to the common man.
He said there were around 9000 feeders all over the country and these were being monitored on daily basis.
The minister said that Mepco’s demand was 2360 Megawatt in 2013 and supply was 1650 Megawatt that had resulted in longer duration loadshedding in this area. However, in 2017, the Mepco demand rose to 3,663 Megawatt and supply rose to above 2,600 Megawatt that has reduced loadshedding to a greater extent.
He said problem of unscheduled loadshedding had troubled people during last few days that it was due to the maintenance and repair of the system.
He said the transmission line from Guddu to Sadiqabad had fallen into river some time ago. This line, however, had been repaired and improved at a cost Rs 450 million that had improved the power distribution system for Rahimyar Khan, Sadiqabad and
The minister said that loadshedding was being enforced only
in those areas which were identified as high-loss areas. He added
that there was no loadshedding for industries. Only four-hour
load shedding was being observed for power looms in consultation
with their representatives, he added.
He said that as per orders of Prime Minister there would be
no load shedding at Seher and Iftar times during the upcoming
month of Ramadanul Mubarak.
He said that system of meter reading through smartphones had
been enforced by 92 per cent to ensure transparency.
He said, it had been decided to proceed against the corrupt
elements in the department. He added that an SE of Rahimyar Khan
and XEN Alipur would face action soon.
To a question regarding Panama papers, he said that they respect the court and its decision.
To another question, he said that the government believes in freedom of the media.
Replying a question, the minister termed India as ‘root of terrorism’ involved in spoiling peace of the entire region. He added that Pakistan would unveil Indian conspiracies at every forum of the world.
He appreciated the armed forces which unmasked ‘Indian face’ after nabbing Kulbhushan Yadav.
Abid Sher Ali also lauded policies initiated by the incumbent government for robust development in Balochistan.