Political settlement only realistic solution to Syrian issue: China


BEIJING (China) April 27 (APP): A spokesman of Chinese foreign ministry Thursday said political settlement was the only realistic solution to the Syrian issue.
“China believes that the future of Syria should be determined by Syrian
people. All sides should make joint efforts to continue facilitating political settlement of the Syrian issue,” Gen Shuang during a regular press briefing here said.
About reports that Israel might have conducted an airstrike on an
airport near Damascus, he commented that China’s position was very clear: we always opposed willful threat or use of forces in international relations.
“At the same time, we hold that sovereignty and territorial integrity of
all countries should be fully respected and upheld,” he added.
Responding to a question about Korean nuclear issue, he said, “We are
willing to work and make every effort with all parties concerned for peaceful settlement of the Korean nuclear issue through dialogue and consultation.”
About joint statement issued by the US official after the briefing to
all senators on Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK) issue, he said, besides, the US is one of the main parties on the Korean nuclear issue.
“We expect and welcome the efforts of the US to play its due role and
shoulder its due responsibility in settling the issue.”
He said, dialogue and consultation was the only right path towards the
solution of the Korean nuclear issue, and peaceful settlement best served the interests of all parties involved.
The spokesman said, the situation on the peninsula was complicated and
“All relevant parties should stay calm and restrained, refrain from any
action that may aggravate the tensions and make joint efforts to ease the situation,” he added.
Responding to a question about launch of China’s second aircraft
carrier, he quoted Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi during the joint press conference with Foreign Minister of Germany in Berlin in which he remarked that China’s overseas interests and people-to-people exchanges had been spread around the globe.
The number of Chinese-funded enterprises registered overseas had reached
near 30,000, and several million Chinese citizens were working and living abroad. Most of the cargo ships in all major international waterways were loaded with Chinese goods or related to China.
Under such new circumstances, China had sufficient reasons to enhance
its defense capability and contribute to international and regional peace, he added.