Political conflicts impeding Pakistan’s progress: Saad Rafique

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ISLAMABAD, July 14 (APP): Minister for Railways Saad Rafique
Friday said squabbling among politicians was hindering progress of
Pakistan which could join top economies of the world in coming years
with right set of policies.
Speaking at an event here, he said, “If we squabble less,
Pakistan can make progress more speedily. We have to hand over a
brighter Pakistan to our future generation.”
He said Pakistan would complete its 70 years on August 14 this
year, adding Gwadar would play an important role in progress of the
Pakistan got the project of China Pakistan Economic Corridor
(CPEC) due to its geostrategic position, he added.
He said the credit for CPEC and other projects went to Prime
Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.
He said professionals and sportsmen of the country had
achieved distinction in different fields.
Pakistan had made headway in the field of education and its
youth were studying in the best universities of the world, he added.
Saad said a lot of good was happening in Pakistan and despite
difficulties and problems the country had achieved a lot.
“We are trying our best to get rid of terrorism and
Pakistan was established due to a long drawn political
struggle and a democratic process, he added.
He said Quaid e Azam gave a vision of change through a
democratic process and power of vote.
He noted that Pakistanis had a strong relationship with
democracy and political leaders in different eras played their role
to revive democracy after three periods of dictatorship.
“We are a living nation and it is not just a political
He said it was right of the people to like or dislike
somebody, adding nobody could stop Pakistanis from expressing their
He said political parties in the country had evolved and
Politicians were not so bad as some people thought about them
and when they fight among themselves it should not be taken that
seriously, he added.