PNCA to launch its film club with premier screening


ISLAMABAD, Apr 7 (APP): Pakistan National Council of the Arts
(PNCA) would launch its film club with premier screening of
internationally celebrated film ‘Postmen in the Mountains’ on April
Postmen in the Mountains’ Chinese film directed by Jianqi Huo
and written by Wu Si.
Postmen in the Mountains tells the story of an old man (Ten
Rujun) who for years served as the postman for rural mountain
communities. Retiring, he hands over his job to his son (Liu Ye),
but accompanies him on the first tour. Together, they deliver mail
on a 230 li (about 115 km) long walking route, into the rural heart
of China and in the process the son learns from the mails’
recipients more about the father he hardly knew.
It was filmed on location in Suining County and Dao County, in
southwestern and southern Hunan.
A portion of the film takes place in a village of the Dong
people, including an evening festival featuring a lusheng dance.
The film is set in the mountainous regions of the western
Hunan province in the early 1980s.
Postmen was well received both abroad and at home in China
where it won both Best Film and Best Actor (for Ten Rujun) at the
Golden Rooster Awards in 1999.