PNCA organizes more than 500 cultural shows in last four years

ISLAMABAD, July 24 (APP): Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA)
has organized more than 500 national level cultural programs and shows during last four years spending an amount of Rs 500 millions.
An official of the Council told APP that PNCA aimed to build a robust
arts ecosystem by creating an environment conducive to the flourishing of the arts.
He said that the Council is structured into two major divisions Visual
Arts Division and Performing Arts Division. “Its focuses on four key strategic thrusts:
Nurturing and developing the arts; Stimulating broader and sophisticated demand by audience; Developing capacity and resources; and Facilitating internationalization and enhancing global connectivity,” he informed.
“Such cultural programming activities are the explicit indicators
about growth of economy of Pakistan to which PNCA has efficiently and effectively discharged its responsibilities,” he said.
Official said that dedicated teams were established to champion the
performing, visual and literary art forms, adding that these teams work on the entire value chain from seeding arts start-ups, grooming talents, developing arts groups and arts businesses, to internationalization.
He said in developing artistic talent, the Council provides total
support through grants, training, arts housing, commissioning of work and overseas touring.
“Major festivals and arts shows were organized to showcase the best of
local and international artists. New talents are identified and developed through music and writing competition. Annual awards are given to artists in recognition of their achievements and to patterns for arts sponsorship,” the official said.
To build new audience and broaden arts participation, the Council
engages the wider community in the arts through outreach programmes targeted at different sectors of the population. It also endorses arts education programmes for artists and arts groups. State cultural policy for the promotion of the arts clearly identifies
avenues of actions, the more salient of which are to encourage creative individual talent and develop art and cultural institutions.