PM reminds int’l community to honour its commitment over IoK

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ISLAMABAD, July 8 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz
Sharif Saturday reiterated Pakistan’s moral and diplomatic
support to Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK) and
called upon the international community to honour its
commitment for early resolution of the issue.
In a message on the death anniversary of Shaheed Burhan
Muzaffar Wani, the prime minister said through his sacrifice,
Wani had reminded the world that if such a large scale human
rights violation including blinding of innocent Kashmiris with
horrible firing of pellets, continued unabated in the occupied
valley, peace could not be guaranteed in the world.
His Shahadat made the international community and world
powers that they could no longer condone the grave human rights
violations by the Indian occupation forces, PM office media wing
in a press release quoted the prime minister as saying.
The prime minister said if India failed to stop its
atrocities in the occupied valley, a movement in support of
Kashmiris and against such oppression was imminent on her soil
as human nature could not accept such gross repressions.
He said Wani’s sacrifice also posed a question; whether
Kashmiris were not human beings or did not enjoy basic human
Whether they (Kashmiris) were not entitled to exercise
their right of self-determination which was ensured by the UN
Charter, he added.
The prime minister cautioned if such discrimination with
the UN’s Resolutions was not stopped, it would affect stature
of the world body.
He reminded the international community about their
moral and legal obligations towards the Kashmiri people and
to force India to fulfill these resolutions.
The prime minister also advised India to accept
Kashmiris’ right to self-determination under the UN
Expressing complete solidarity with the Kashmiri people
over the Youm-e-Shahadat of Wani, the prime minister said the
whole nation stood with their Kashmiri brethren and sisters.
He noted that Burhan Wani had written a new chapter of
Kashmir freedom movement, lighting a candle with his blood
which made the whole occupied valley to glow.
His martyrdom also proved that every child in Kashmir
was fully charged with the desire for freedom and did not
accept the illegal occupation by India, the prime minister
said, adding through use of force and weapons, the passion
for freedom could not be subdued.
The prime minister also reminded India to realize the
fact that history could not be made blind.
He noted that indigenous Kashmir movement for freedom
was progressing without any foreign influence. Wani’s
martyrdom also exposed Indian propaganda about foreign
interference, he added.
The prime minister said during the last one year, the
way Kashmiri people braved the imposition of curfew, faced
inhuman measures by the occupation forces, undergone state
injustices, attended funerals of their martyrs and kept
their banner of freedom high, was unprecedented in the current
global history.
He said hearts of Pakistanis and Kashmiris beat together
and the former would not leave Kashmiris in this hour of
trials and tribulations.
The way Kashmiris celebrated Pakistan cricket team ICC
Champions trophy win, was a referendum against Indian inhuman
aggression, he added.
The prime minister also prayed for the success of
Kashmiris’ struggle for freedom and end to Indian atrocities.