PCB implements spectators code of conduct inside Gadaffi stadium


LAHORE, Sep 13 (APP): Pakistan Cricket Board has implemented a strict code
of conduct inside the Gadaffi stadium by deputing magistrates in different enclosures of the arena to ensure not happening of any untoward incident during the matches of Independence Cup between Pakistan and the World XI.
The code of conduct aims at restricting the spectators from chanting
political slogans and to control them from causing any unpleasant situation during the matches as such situations can cause embracement and lower the image of the country.
“We want that spectators should enjoy the game rather causing unfriendly
situation by involving themselves in anti-cricket activities,” said the sources in Pakistan Cricket Board while talking to APP here on Wednesday.
The PCB has taken this measure after arising of unpleasant situation
during the final of the Pakistan Super League earlier this year when a section of the crowd chanted political slogans, contraty to the spirit of cricket making it a political show to ruin the stature and importance of the finale.
Spectators are not allowed to carry any metal item including,cigarette
lighters,batteries,mobile phone charger or power banks for charging mobile phones. They cannot bring inside the stadium water bottles and eating stuff which is available in different enclosures.
Under the code of conduct in case of any ugly incident, vandalism or
unpleasant situation of chanting political slogans on part of the crowd, these magistrates have been granted special powers to act accordingly to award punishments to the culprits on then and there basis.
“We want to create peaceful and friendly atmosphere inside the stadium for
the comfort of the spectators to enjoy the game “, they said
adding ” It is our collective responsibility to exhibit decent conduct inside the stadium to show to the outer world that we are a sports friendly nation and we want to have international cricket events in Pakistan on regular basis”.