PAL publishes Adbiyat-e-Atfal


ISLAMABAD, July 13 (APP): Quarterly “Adbiyat-e-Atfal” is a
newly introduced magazine for children published by the Pakistan
Academy of Letters (PAL).
This magazine includes stories and poems by prominent and
children’s favorite writers.
“The current period/ contemporary era is not focusing on
children’s literature and the tradition of telling stories to
children has died out. The new generation has lost touch with
cultural values and ideals”. These views were expressed by Dr.
Muhammad Qasim Bughio, Chairman PAL during a briefing.
He said that considering this requirement for the mental
growth of children, the Pakistan Academy of Letters introduced this
magazine for children which includes stories and poems of famous
children’swriters and poets so that children can benefit from it and
learn about their cultural and traditional values.
He said that this magazine comprises Hamds, Na’ats,
stories, articles and poems, apart from the translations of world
literature, Pakistani literature is also included in this.
Before this, Pakistan Academy of Letters has published three
volumes of children’s literature: the first volume includes a
collection of children’s poems, second comprises of stories for
children and the third volume contains the translation of Children’s
stories from the world literature which was greatly appreciated.
He said that children will definitely get benefited out of the
quarterly children’s literature and literary worksfor children will
once again flourish and gain recognition.
Quarterly Children’s literature is edited by Akhtar Raza
Salimi and coordinating editor of this magazineis Fayyaz Adil. The
advisory committee includes Dr. Muhammad Iftikhar Khokhar, Ahmad
Hatib Sadiqui and Rizwana Sayed Ali.